The Reverend Jonathan Pinkney
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The Induction of the Reverend Jonathan David Pinkney as Rector of the Parish of St. Christopher, West Vancouver, by the Right Reverend John Stephens Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, Monday, November 27, 2023. Welcome and Blessing from Elder Eugene Harry of the Squamish Nation

In this service:

Presider: The Right Reverend John Stephens, Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster
Preacher: The Reverend Helen Dunn
Rector: The Reverend Jonathan Pinkney
Deacon: of the Service The Reverend Juanita Clark
Bishop’s Chaplain: Lea Anne Sexton
Crucifer: Jules Erichson
Wardens: George Fee – People’s Warden, Veronica Loat – Rector’s Warden, Deb Kennedy – Associate Warden
Trustees: Rob Dickson, Mary Ann Fee and Christopher Loat
Regional Archdeacon: The Venerable Stephen Muir
Regional Dean: The Reverend Cameron Gutjahr
Choral Director: Mara Ayque
Organist: David Millard

We were joined by 175 members of our community, and friend and family of Rev. Jonathan Pinkney, for those who couldn't be, please enjoy by joining with us in worship, for this celebration of new ministry.